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Hi there! My name is Grace and I am a lead filmmaker and co-owner here at Exist Weddings! Getting to work with couples to create a wedding film that is unique to the love they already share is the best part of my job. I started making videos when I was 14 in an effort to capture what I already found interesting in the world around me and now I have the privilege of doing that for others on one of the most special days of their life! I believe love is one of the greatest art forms out there and it deserves to be documented which is why I encourage all couples to consider videography for their day. Plus if you hire us one of our favorite aspects of filming your day is we are typically pretty close friends by the end of planning, filming, and editing which makes it all the more special. I am so thankful to get to capture real authentic love stories and share them with the world around us!

          - Grace

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