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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

We know planning a wedding can be intimidating. Just knowing where to start often tends to be a daunting task. Since having the pleasure of filming over a hundred love stories, we have learned a few tips to make the planning process a bit easier along the way, one of those being how to create a wedding day schedule.

Let's be honest, most of us have no idea what goes into a wedding day schedule. Your one-time event doesn't need to run seamlessly for it to be perfect! You're not required to know how to make your schedule effective and best for you because you have never done this before! So let us help you create the perfect schedule to help your day run smoothly.

We have five overall tips for our couples looking to set up a wedding schedule and here is why we created them:

1. Plan extra down time

The number one tip we have for all couples is to work "down time" into their wedding schedule. We always like to say there is never too much downtime on a wedding day. Remember, as much as your wedding day is about you and your partner, you would be surprised how little uninterrupted time you get. When chatting with couples we always like to help them find at least one 15-minute intermission where they can sneak off with their partner alone and spend some time together. It seems small, but with all the nerves and excitement of the day, those 15 minutes of quiet can make a difference. Oftentimes, the downtime is just to reconnect and chat about how your mornings went when you two were apart and get excited for the rest of the day! Getting one or a few of these moments can make all the difference in your day.

2. Plan buffer time for important moments

Now, we would all love to say we can plan our day to a T, but there are always some unpredictable moments within a schedule. Especially when you involve other people! The most common of them being speeches. Giving everyone a time limit doesn't always seem to be enough. As your parents might feel justified to tell that one extra story. Or, your college roommates need to fit in that one hilarious moment from your glory days. These are the stories that make your day special, which is why we always emphasize planning a little extra time for these as they can go longer than anticipated.

3. Pick your non-negotiable's

Of course, there is always room for a wedding schedule to go a bit off from your plan. This is why we always tell couples to pick some key things that are non-negotiable's. Is there a photo location that you MUST hit? Then communicating these with your photographer and videographer can insure we plan enough time to get these moments for you. That way if dinner is running late, or speeches go a tad longer than intended, we can make sure we get out for that golden hour session on time.

4. Don't listen to everyones input

Getting married means lots of opinions are going to be circling your conversations. Which can be nice, but sometimes not the most helpful when you are confident about specific aspects of your day. Our biggest tip in planning timing is don't let absolutely everyone influence how you structure your day! The most important opinion is you, your partner, and what makes you two feel the best. So when everyone starts telling you what's best, don't feel bad taking what serves your day best and leaving out what doesn't!

5. Delegate

Delegation is the best way to reduce stress in your wedding planning for many reasons. Sometimes couples don't have a wedding planner, so finding a friend that you can trust to manage your schedule and make sure everything is running smoothly will keep you in the moment. If you're considering hiring a wedding planner, or day-of coordinators, we have an article you may be interested in reading! Of course, we know this is not in everyone's budget which is why you can create your own sense of security in your family or wedding party.

Aside from that, we have created a free guide to help plan your schedule with more specific tips! If you would like to download that guide we will include a link below!

Download DOCX • 627KB
Download DOCX • 627KB

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