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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Cassidy and Gannon had a beautiful wedding at The Blaisdell in Minneapolis in early April. We were lucky enough to film their wedding and create this Wedding Film.

Cassidy and Gannon wanted a wedding videographer because they had seen others and knew they wanted one for themselves. When we spoke with them they told us how they wanted their day to be focused on natural moments with their loved ones. They specifically told us how much they hated the “posed” feel. It was quite apparent immediately after showing up to start the day, that their group would find no difficulty in being natural.

These two had a genuine happiness that was so effortless to capture in their wedding film, which is why natural and raw emotions were not hard to come by.

We also always love working alongside wonderful vendors. Between their venue, coordination, and floral, everything ran smoothly. Being a wedding videographer, we always love when couples hire a coordinator to help run the day. Not only do they support the couple, but us as vendors as well. Fortunately, Cassidy and Gannon has Maggie B. at Events with Maggs, who we have worked with before and it always a joy to experience the day with!

Between the vendors they really made the space unique to Cassidy and Gannon, and well prepped for guests.

The ceremony was beautiful. Gannon's Dad was their officiant, which we taught was really fun. He knew their story better than anyone in the room, and told it with intention. Seeing Cassidy and Gannon walk up the isle after proclaiming their love was a completely authentic moment.

Possibly, the funnest moment of the whole wedding was when Gannon’s brother and sister gave a speech. One of Gannon’s biggest hobbies is playing DND. With this in mind, his siblings prepared 20 stories to share. Gannon was tasked with rolling a 1d20 (a common 20 sided dice used in the game). And he rolled for the stories they shared. This was hands down, one of the most creative speeches we’ve ever seen.

Being able to capture these moments is something we really love. We are so grateful to have people like Cassidy and Gannon who trust us with their biggest day. We have so much fun connecting with our couples and learning about the people they are. Each wedding is unique to the couple, and our job is to showcase that.

The biggest takeaway from a wedding like Cassidy and Gannon is that we shouldn’t ever be afraid to be ourselves, especially when around our closest people. Be goofy, don’t take ourselves too seriously, and enjoy the present with loved ones.

Cheers to Cassidy + Gannon!

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