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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

As soon as Tucker submitted an inquiry we knew this wedding day was going to be a special one. Daria is originally from Russia, which meant due to circumstances, her family could not make the journey to celebrate her and Tucker's day. Of course, this meant Tucker knew he needed to find a way to document their day in order for Daria's family to feel as a part of it as possible.

After we initially spoke with Daria and Tucker, we began to understand the things they needed and hoped for their day. It was clear to us that this day was extra valuable. When we arrived we quickly noticed Daria + Tucker knew how to make friends that felt like family. The wedding party was filled with individuals that made those around them feel loved and known. We were grateful to have been witness to that and experience it first hand.

We started the day getting ready in Daria's suite which was packed full of some of the best women. We quickly learned Daria and her bridesmaids met because they had all had a similar story of moving to the area from Russia which allowed them to create a bond that was beyond just a friendship they were family.

These two chose to tie the knot at Redeemed Farms in Scandia, MN. This space is absolutely breathtaking and you will see why when watching their wedding film. There were so many stunning locations it was hard to conclude our filming sessions with them.

Their ceremony was held in the Historic Barn Loft at Redeemed which provides such an amazing backdrop for Tucker to see Daria for the first time walking down the aisle. I mean just look at how sweet Tuckers reaction is. We were all tearing up just watching Daria walking towards the alter. Little did we know the tears were going to get a whole lot worse when we heard these two read their personalized vows to one another.

One of our favorite moments with Daria and Tucker was the beginning of dinner. We had live-streamed their ceremony which allowed Daria's family to watch her say "I do" live from home. One of the best parts of our live-streaming platform is it allows friends and family to leave messages to the couple right there at the moment. So we got the opportunity to sit with Daria + Tucker and read some messages left from her family across the world! We loved hearing Daria translate what her family was saying. It was such a gift to get some time to read those messages when we did. Plus they will have those to look back on for many years to come!

After dinner, we went with Daria to transition into her second dress of the evening which provided something amazing for our golden hour session (I mean look how stunning she is). Golden hour with these two was amazing, the love they share for one another is truly something to strive for and it was a gift to witness it.

From running through the vineyard to having romantic moments right outside the venue Redeemed Farms never fails to make a golden hour session feel dreamy and romantic. The rest of the night was an absolute joy spending time dancing with family and friends.

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to share in Daria + Tuckers love story and create something special to relieve for years to come. We hope we made Daria's family feel a sense of celebration with these two when watching their wedding film.

Cheers to Daria + Tucker!



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