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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Oregon Elopement

“ I always get so excited when I see Exist Weddings on one of my couples’ vendor lists! The Exist Team is always such a joy to work with. They bring a level of kindness, creativity, and respect to every wedding that makes them so enjoyable (and easy!) to collaborate with. It’s obvious to see how much care they put into their couples and their work and I can’t say enough how much fun this team is to work side by side with on wedding days!” - Taylor Lauren Photography

Taken by Logan Strange Photography

“We enjoyed working with Cody this past fall in Duluth. He was professional and easy to get along with on the job. He was helpful creatively, coming up with posing prompts for our clients alongside our ideas. We would love to work with Exist Weddings again and would recommend them to our clients who are looking for a videographer as their work is phenomenal!” - Logan Strange Photography

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cody from Exist Weddings twice now! He and his team are so professional, open-minded, and fun! As a day of coordinator, it’s so great to have partnered vendors that team up with you to make sure these weddings go smoothly, and that’s exactly how it is working with Exist! I can’t wait to hopefully work with their team even more!” - Maggie B, Owner of Events with Maggs

“We LOVE working with Exist! Cody and his team are fun and energetic, and deliver on your day! Video captures those sweet moments that fly by on the day of, and Exist does a great job of making sure those sweet moments get on camera!” - Adam + Christina, Dos Goats Plans

"Working with Exist Weddings was ideal for us as a wedding venue. For a special event, it is imperative that vendors show up in a professional way - you want them to be ever-present but also blend in seamlessly. Exist successfully hit the mark on Kayla & Eric’s big day. Not only that but they captured our Historic Venue and showcased its timeless beauty in a way that not everyone has the skill to do. The building and the couple looked stunning! We loved working with them and hope to have them back again soon. - Landmark Event Center

"We loved working with Cody from Exist. He was literally the perfect addition to our couple's day as the videographer. He felt more like a friend throughout the day than a stuffy vendor we couldn’t vibe with. Not only was Cody so fun to work alongside that day but he also produced an incredible video that our clients loved. The talent, personality, and amazing skill set speaks for itself. We can’t say the same things for other vendors we have worked with at a wedding, but we can about Exist." - Beyond the Pines Photography

"Cody & Grace at Exist are absolute gems to work with and are exactly the team you want alongside you on a wedding day! Up for anything attitudes, calm demeanors, and a true passion for their work allows them to fit in seamlessly to your day. We have worked alongside these two at several wedding and industry events and they are always at the top of our list when seeking the perfect film team for our couples!" - Pink Peony Weddings

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Cody for a wedding in October. As a photographer, it is always amazing to work with someone who is collaborative and keeps communication a top priority. Cody did exactly that. He was a joy to work with and hopefully, we get the chance to work together again soon!" - Aaron Billberg Photography

Working with Cody & Exist Weddings was truly amazing from start to finish! As a DJ I know the importance of getting to know the vendors and ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working together throughout the night. They did this to a T! Even making sure to check in periodically and coordinate when special events were happening. Looking back on the fun memories they were able to capture shows how truly professional and detailed oriented they are! "Infinity Sounds"


Why Wedding Vendor Relationships Matter...

It is important for wedding vendors to work well together because they play a crucial role in creating a successful and memorable wedding experience for the couple and their guests. Here are some reasons why collaboration among wedding vendors is essential:

  1. Cohesive Event Execution: A wedding involves multiple vendors, when these vendors work well together, they can synchronize their efforts to ensure a seamless and cohesive event execution. From setting up the venue to coordinating timelines, a collaborative approach minimizes errors and ensures everything runs smoothly.

  2. Enhanced Communication: Effective communication is key to a successful wedding. When vendors collaborate and communicate effectively, they can align their services, discuss specific requirements, and address any concerns or changes promptly. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, reducing misunderstandings and improving overall coordination.

  3. Problem-Solving: Weddings can sometimes face unforeseen challenges or last-minute changes. When vendors work well together, they can quickly adapt to these situations and find creative solutions. For instance, if the weather changes unexpectedly, a collaborative effort between the venue, planner, and media team can help relocate an outdoor ceremony or reception indoors seamlessly.

  4. Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, the goal of all wedding vendors is to satisfy the couple and their guests. When vendors work together, their combined efforts create a more enjoyable and stress-free experience for everyone involved. Coordinated teamwork ensures that each aspect of the wedding is handled professionally and efficiently, leaving the couple and guests with a positive and memorable impression.

We think it's valuable to connect with some of your vendors and see if they have experience working with other particular vendors. Wedding vendors often prefer working together multiple times due to several reasons:

  1. Familiarity and Trust: When vendors have previously collaborated on weddings, they develop a level of familiarity and trust with each other. They understand each other's working styles, communication preferences, and strengths. This familiarity leads to smoother coordination and efficient teamwork since they are already acquainted with each other's expectations and capabilities.

  2. Synergy and Compatibility: Vendors who have successfully worked together before often share a synergy and compatibility in their services. They understand how to complement each other's offerings, resulting in a cohesive and harmonious wedding experience. This synergy can be particularly valuable when couples are looking for a consistent aesthetic or a specific theme throughout their wedding.

  3. Efficient Communication and Coordination: Having worked together previously, vendors establish efficient lines of communication and coordination. This familiarity and streamlined communication help in saving time, reducing miscommunications, and resolving any issues more effectively.

  4. Referrals and Recommendations: When vendors have a positive working relationship and have produced excellent results together, they are more likely to refer each other to other couples. Word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations are powerful in the wedding industry. By working together multiple times, vendors can build a network of trusted colleagues who can vouch for their professionalism, quality of service, and reliability.

  5. Streamlined Logistics: Working with familiar vendors means they are likely to have a shared understanding of logistics and event setup. They know each other's requirements, preferences, and procedures. This shared knowledge streamlines the logistical aspects of wedding planning, such as load-in and load-out schedules, equipment needs, and venue specifications. Consequently, the setup and execution of the wedding become more efficient and less prone to errors.

  6. Continual Professional Growth: Collaborating with other wedding vendors on multiple occasions allows for continual professional growth and learning. Vendors can learn from each other's experiences, share insights, and stay updated on industry trends. This continuous collaboration can lead to a higher level of expertise, innovation, and creativity within the vendor community.

Wedding vendors enjoy working together multiple times because it fosters familiarity, trust, and synergy. These benefits contribute to a more seamless and successful wedding planning process, resulting in happier couples, guests, and a positive reputation within the wedding industry.

At Exist Weddings, we value working with other Vendors in the industry. Building good relationships with all those we interact with is important to us. We want to bring optimistic energy and a collaborative mindset to all our weddings to create a positive experience of working alongside us. We are so grateful for the many experiences and relationships we get to have through our work.

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