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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

If we have learned anything from working with hundreds of couples planning their wedding, it would be that planning is not a natural gift. Heck, planning a one-time event in your life shouldn't be considered easy! Whether you feel you need guidance in big or small ways, wedding planners often have packages that allow you to choose based on how much help you may need.

We know not all wedding budgets are created equal, so sometimes hiring a wedding planner or day of coordinator is not a necessity when it comes to your wedding budget. But if you are on the fence, here are a few reasons we love working with wedding planners.

  1. Saving Time + Stress

Saving and planning for your wedding can feel like a long process, and there isn't much room for a trial and error process in planning a one-time event. Luckily the bonus of seasoned wedding planners is they often know how to save their couples time and stress when it comes to the planning process. Your planner has been through this time and time again, which means they have faced a multitude of unique problems in the wedding world. They are your advocate, and they want your day to be perfect for you. Having someone who knows the ropes can make booking vendors, curating the right day-of schedule, and many other aspects of the planning process significantly less stressful.

2. Vendor Connections

One of the best parts of hiring a wedding planner is their connections. Did you have a specific vision for how you want your food to be served but you haven't seen it done before? Your wedding planner likely knows someone who can get it done. Did you see a floral arrangement you fell in love with on Pinterest but you don't know where to even start with finding a florist? Your wedding planner will have some local florists they would love to recommend. As wedding videographers, we are always building a list of vendors we love and want to work with again. Not only for their craft but for their ability to make a wedding day fun and stress-free. Wedding planners have so many vendor connections and can find you the right team to make your vision come to life!

3. Budgeting Management

Let's be real... planning a wedding can be expensive and unfortunately, most of us don't know what each aspect of your wedding is supposed to cost. Planners are an awesome resource for keeping your budget in line as they know the ins and outs of the industry. Your planner will save you time, and money when it comes to budgeting your vendors, decor, and so much more.

4. Creative Vision

Oftentimes, getting your wedding day vision from paper to an event can be overwhelming. Pinterest boards of small details to create one big vision can make choosing decor a bit difficult. That's why one of our favorite parts of working with planners is to see how they make their couple's creative visions come to life. We can't tell you how many times we have been sent inspo-boards from couples and have been blown away to see how their planner made it all come to life. Working with planners in our area, we have seen some of the greatest talent.

5. Attention to Detail

Wedding planners are some of the BEST wedding vendors when it comes to details. Working with planners over the years has taught us that some people are just exceptionally gifted at making every detail match a specific vision. We of course love making wedding films, and have a knack for focusing on capturing details which is why we have noticed just how talented planners are at keeping details in order and running smoothly. When looking at some of our favorite planners below you will see all of these planners are exceptional at making every detail of your event STUNNING. Plus if you have to spend the day remembering all the small things it will often be hard to find time to enjoy those things.

6. Peace of mind

The most important part of your day is enjoying it! So much time and energy goes into planning for your big day and you deserve to relax and experience the day as it unfolds. Having a planner to handle any tasks during your day gives you peace of mind to know someone is looking out for you and your partner. Meaning you two can invest time in one another and focus on enjoying all the hard work you put into your day!

7. Neutral Third Party

Often the biggest reason we recommend having a planner to support you throughout the process is they are a neutral third party to advocate for your wants and needs. Unfortunately planning and hosting a big event leaves space for a lot of friends and family to voice their opinions, which although typically from a good place, can also be very overwhelming. The reason we adore some of our favorite planners is they will always stand up for their clients and keep things calm for them throughout planning as well as the day of. Having a professional who can coordinate different moments throughout your day often saves you the hassle of having to over-communicate with your wedding party, guests, and vendors. If a problem arises on your day, your coordinator or planner will ensure there is a solution without having to overwhelm you and your partner.


Looking to hire a wedding planner or day-of coordinator in our area? Much like we know there is a perfect videographer for everyones style and budget, we can also say the same for planners. We not only love these planners and their craft, but we are proud to have had the opportunity to build a friendship with each and every one of them.

Here are a few of our favorites:


Pink Peony Weddings + Events | See More

Lindsay + Kimberly are not only gifted and highly professional planners but they have a gift for making clients and vendors feel loved and valued. We are always overjoyed to see their faces when we walk into a wedding because we trust them and their vision for a wedding day just as much as their clients do. We have seen these two handle unpredictable wedding day problems with ease and create a stress-free environment for every couple we've had the pleasure of working alongside them. This team will create something unforgettable for you!

Take a look at the portfolio


Laine Palm Planning | See More

Laine and her team are something special, she has such an amazing talent for creating unforgettable events. Laine and her team not only make the day seamless and stunning but they know how to have fun while doing it. Laine's relaxed demeanor brings a sense of peace to all around her. Laine and her team have anything you need covered. We trust her deeply as vendors but we know her couples trust her all the same. If you're looking for that luxe modern wedding I'd highly suggest looking into Laine Palm Planning.

Take a look at the portfolio


Dos Goats Plans | See More

Adam + Christina are a couple who strive to make their couples experience their day fully and with joy. Working alongside them we can say they consistently do just that! They consistently bring fun, joy, and professionalism to every wedding they serve. Plus it's always a bonus to see a male planner out in the field and Adam never fails to impress. These two will ensure your day is fun and running according to plan!

Take a look at the portfolio


Happilily Events | See More

Lily is detail focused, spunky, and overall a joy to be around! This gal has a sense of professionalism and confident energy that will advocate for you and your day. We have found so much joy in working with Lily and we know she will bring something new and unique to your day! We trust her skills, intentionality, and genuine love for her couples + we know you will too.

Take a look at the portfolio

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